Horvath's Spirituosen


Horvath’s Fruit Liqueurs

Not everyone loves fruit, but Horvath’s Fruit Liqueurs will win anyone over. Surprisingly complex, with a tantalisingly good flavour & made using the finest quality ingredients – we just can’t stop raving about them.

Why not try something extraordinary? Anyone who uses carrots in their varied cooking repertoire will appreciate their delicate taste. We have captured this subtile character in a liqueur – together with lemon, sugar and alcohol, this speciality becomes a real taste experience.

Walnut Liqueur 0.7L (23% ABV)
The first sip of this liqueur specialty will remind you of Grandma’s delicious walnut tort. Recapture your childhood memories and savour our liquid walnut tort together with family or friends.

Violet Liqueur 0.7L (17% ABV)
This specialty liqueur is characterized by the delicate aroma of violets. The aromatic taste and unusual colour combined with Frizzante, Sekt, wine or soda make a fresh mixed drink for the summer that truly attracts special attention.

Arolla Stone Pine Liqueur 0.7L (23 Vol %)
This specialty is mainly produced in Austria because this species of pine tree grows only in high mountain regions. The aroma of our Arolla Stone Pine Liqueur conjures memories of woodlands, hikes through the mountains and relaxed rustic end of the day in a lodge having a good sip of Arolla Stone Pine Liqueur and a hearty meal.

APRICOT LIQUEUR & NOUGAT 0.70 L (15% alc./vol.)
A unique fusion of fine nougat with the fruitiness of ripe apricots. Try this speciality on ice!

SOUR CHERRY LIQUEUR with Jamaica Rum 0.70 L (17% alc./vol)
Tea with rum is certainly something delicious, but you should also try our Sour Cherry Liqueur with Jamaican Rum. The sour cherry juice lends the liqueur its acidity and fruity note, and the Jamaican rum rounds off its exceptional flavour. An excellent mix that is sure to excite more than just liqueur fans.

BAKED APPLE LIQUEUR with Advent Spices 0.70 L (17 % alc./vol.)
Fresh apple juice sweetened with Austrian blossom honey is mixed with alcohol, and through the addition of Advent spices acquires a tang of gingerbread, baked apple, and reminds one of the scents of the Christmas season. Served hot with cinnamon and whipped creme = HOT APPLE STRUDEL IN FLUID FORM!

RED WINE LIQUEUR with white sugar 0.70 L (17 % alc./vol.)

Anyone who likes the unusual should try this liqueur speciality! Enjoy the especially mild aroma of selected Austrian red wines, which give this liqueur its character. Red Wine Liqueur served hot with a dab of whipped creme – a delight for the palate and the eye.

PINK APRICOT LIQUEUR with Apricot Brandy 0.70 L (17 % alc./vol.)
Gänserndorfer Pink Apricot Liqueur is produced exclusively from the juice of fully ripe apricots from the first pressing. Through the addition of high-grade apricot distillate, the liqueur acquires its special flavour.

PEACH LIQUEUR with Lemon-juice 0.70 L (17 % alc./vol.)
The special peach liqueur made from peaches from sunny Marchfeld. Made from the juice of sun-ripened peaches, mild alcohol and just a little sugar. The harmonious, delicate and subitle flavour makes this peach liqueur so distinguished and elegant. Enjoy this fruit juice liqueur straight, on the rocks or in an elegant, long-stemmed liqueur glass at a drinking temperature of between 14° and 16°C.

WILD STRAWBERRY LIQUEUR with Rock Candy 0.70 L (17 % alc./vol.)
This, perhaps our most successful wild fruit speciality by far, is produced from the juice of domestic, fully ripe wild strawberries. The addition of rock sugar and alcohol creates this liqueur speciality, which can hardly be topped for fruitiness.

RASPBERRY LIQUEUR with Raspberry Distillate 0.70 L (17 % alc./vol.)
Only wild raspberries are suitable for producing this wild-fruit liqueur, and even today these can still only be harvested by hand: all the strength of the soil is concentrated in the aroma of the wild raspberry. This speciality can be enjoyed on its own, or else (a secret tip!) try a raspberry punch flavoured with raspberry liqueur

PLUM LIQUEUR with Plum Spirit 0.70 L (26 alc./vol.)
The juice of fully ripe, de-stoned plums is mixed with a little plum spirit to give this delicious high-grade liqueur a fuller flavour than one normally expects from plums.

Peppermint liqueur, once very popular, is nowadays hard to find. So we decided to revive this liqueur rarity once again.
Gänserndorfer Peppermint Liqueur has a refreshing peppermint flavour and contains extracts of eucalyptus to round off its unique taste.


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