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Horvath’s Spezereyen Kontor

We are an Austrian, family-powered production company for Austrian potato vodka, gin, unique liqueur specialties like egg cream liqueur, many fruit and fruit-cream liqueur as well as many other fine food specialties in one! The philosophy behind our products has always been to prepare and present Austrian foods and spirits in the highest quality and in an innovative manner that touches upon the spirit of the times.

Gänserndorfer & Auersthaler Culinarium

Gänserndorf & Auersthaler Culinarium – our unique branded products! Fine brandies are the crème de la crème of schnapps. According to Austrian law, the term “fine brandy” can only be given to a product that is made from 100% pure distillate. For the pleasure of the delicious foods that are produced in Austria we produce a diverse range of culinarium products, culinary gift ideas and many more!

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